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Who is CanReg.com?

CanReg.com and DollarDomainName are partner companies. CanReg.com currently offers extra hosting features.

DollarDomainName.com clients can take advantage of these features, please give us a call at 1-866-310-9571 to speak with an agent.




5 Reasons I Should Own a Domain Name

Personalised Email Address

A domain name allows you to create personal, professional and memorable email addresses. Why get stuck with smith_j898@someinternetco.com when you could have John@Doe.ca

Yours Forever

Jane@Doe.ca is portable and stays with you regardless of which internet provider you choose.


Your domain name lets others know you are serious. A domain name becomes your brand as seen on your business cards, website, gallery, blog, or whatever you choose to do.


Get yours today for as low as $16 per year.

CanReg.com includes FREE HOSTING.

For as long as you own your domain name, CanReg.com includes free website hosting, and a free email address. We include webmail access, spam filtering, vacation messages, auto-responders and world class service levels.


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